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We are currently hiring!

The crew here at Attic Books is looking for a new member. If you don’t know about us, Attic Books is a large second-hand bookstore run by a team of friendly, reliable, kind and hardworking people, located at the heart of London, Ontario in the Downtown core.

The position would be part time (2-3 days per week).
This job mainly involves:

  • Assisting with all customer service, sales and inventory related tasks:
    • Customer service and point of sale responsibilities
    • Answer phone and emails
    • Sorting and shelving of books
    • Organize shop displays
  • Assisting customers and provide recommendations
  • Maintaining a clean and attractive store environment, cleaning, and other possible grunt work such as moving boxes of books

Qualities that we are looking for in an employee:

  • A strong work ethic
  • A quick learner with a great memory and good organizational skills
  • A strong communicator, able to work in both a team environment with direction and independently
  • Personable and comfortable interacting with customer and the “downtown” atmosphere (and all that it entails)
  • A reader and lover of books, who (while not needing to read widely) is able and willing to learn about all areas of subjects to help customers

 Part time -> 2-3 days a week (consistent schedule) with weekend availability prioritized

$15.50/hour to begin

Please apply at 240 Dundas Street, London, Ontario by Saturday, June 25th, 2022
Address your cover letters to Marvin Post, and please include references.
COVID-19 and Retail Notes:
All of our staff is double vaccinated and boostered. While we strongly encourage customers to wear a mask, our staff is still required to wear a mask when on shift.