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Marvin Post is a certified appraiser by Canadian Personal Property Appraiser Group (CPPAG). He has over 43 years of experience in the field. Some reasons that you would have your books or items appraised would be for tax receipt, probate or insurance purposes. We only book appraisals by appointment, no drop ins please as we cannot guarantee Marvin will be available.



  • Tax Receipts - including Cultural Property Act

  • Insurance - individual items or collections

  • Donations - individual items or collection

    We appraise books, documents, photographs and paper collections

  • Probate

  • Divorce/ Marital Separation

  • Fair Market Value

  • Quick Market Value


  • In-store - single item, letter provided, minimum : $100.00
  • Minimum out appraisal : $500.00 plus expenses
  • 1/2 day appraisal : minimum $500.00 plus expenses*
  • Full Day appraisal: minimum $900.00 plus expenses*

Institution should provide the following:

  • Name & Address of present owner of objects being appraised.
  • Detailed description of the items (author, title, date published, edition, dimensions in cm and inches, condition, provenance

plus HST

Probate Appraisals are refunded if items are purchased by Attic Books

*Additional $150.00 per hour