We are currently only buying by appointment (no drop-ins accepted) on Fridays and Saturdays). To set up an appointment, please call us at 519-432-7277, Mon to Sat 10-5.

If you have a collection of more than 500 books, we can arrange a house call, with the exception of predominant paperback collections. See our buying guide below for more information about what we do or do not buy, as well as other items outside of books that may be of interest.


We purchase books by appointment only. This method ensures that we have the correct buyer available to look at your collection, as some of our buyers specialize in certain areas. If you drop-in without calling ahead, there may not be someone available to look at your books. We have limited storage, and are not able to hold books until a buyer is available.

We can not give values without seeing the book. This means that we do not give out 'ball park figures', 'ranges', minimums' or 'maximums'.

The following are some general guidelines for what we do and do not buy.

We buy:

Single books, Box lots, Truckloads, TARDIS contents
Estates & Large Libraries
Inventory of better new & used bookstores and internet bookdealers

  • Books in nice condition (We are picky!)
  • Hardcover and Paperback Books
  • New London local history
  • Fine bindings
  • Ephemera and paper collectibles
  • Historical documents, diaries, journals & manuscripts
  • Postcards and postcard albums
  • Photographs, albums, ambrotypes, tintypes & daguerreotypes
  • Posters & Antique Prints
  • Autographs, letters & envelopes
  • Antique maps, atlases and globes
  • Pre-1900 colour-plate books and atlases in any condition

Antiques and unusual items that strike our fancy

  • Unusual Antiques and Curiosities
  • Older Film Cameras
  • Typewriters (Manual, not Electric)
  • Writing instruments such as fountain pens, dip pens & ink wells
  • Antique mechanical and small machinery
  • Scientific and Medical Antiques
  • Musical Memorabilia
  • Sport Memorabilia (1970's & Earlier)
  • Book-related antiques (Bookends, Book Plates & Library Furniture)
  • Bookcases & Book Displayers
  • Mid Century Modern Furniture & Decorative Items
  • Stamps & Postal History
  • Coins & Currency
  • Costume Jewellery
  • Items that range from the macabre to the erotic and exotic

We do NOT buy:

  • No Books in poor condition 
    (Condition is a key part of a book's value, especially in older books)
    Mustiness & Mildew
    Loose/Cracked Covers or Spines
    Water & Smoke/Cigarette Damage
    Ex-Library (with library markings)
    Marked Up (highlighting or underlined)
  • No Incomplete sets
  • No 20th Century Encyclopaedias
  • No Reader's Digest or Book Club editions
  • No National Geographic Books or Magazines
  • No Timelife Books or Magazines
  • No Textbooks (except early editions, Dick & Jane)
  • No Harlequins or other category Romance imprints
  • No Books that we have too many copies of (always changing, ask when setting up appointment)
  • No Books that are easily dated
  • No Computer Books & Travel guides
  • No Magazines (with exception to some special interest publications)
  • No Figurines such as Royal Doultons
  • No China & Glass Sets
  • No Standard Antique Furniture

Factors That May Increase the Value of Your Book:

  • signed by author
  • signed or owned by famous person
  • dust jacket intact: on modern 1st editions, the value of the dust jacket can be more than 90% of the value in some cases. This is especially true of early 20th century literature.

Factors That May Decrease the Value of Your Book:

  • poor condition
  • underlining & highlighting
  • marker over ownership marks
  • library markings
  • mustiness or other odours, including cigarette smoke
  • Missing the dustwrap if it was issued with one

Off-Site Book Buying

We will travel to view collections for purchase in special circumstances, including:

  • very large collections (over 500 volumes)
  • full or partial estates & libraries
  • antiquarian collections of special interest
  • mobility issues

We do not travel for the following collections:

  • paperbacks
  • law practice books (excepting antiquarian books and histories of law)
  • medical practice books (excepting antiquarian books and histories of medicine)

Family Bibles

What is my family Bible worth?

The Bible is the most printed book in the world, and as such is common. Very large or very small Bibles are the most desirable. Unusual editions of those printed before 1800 are of interest. Study Bibles and Bible reference books are desired if they are in nice condition.

We only buy Bibles in nice condition. Condition is very important for Bibles to have any monetary value. Even older Bibles are more common so condition can be a large factor of whether or not it is of value or interest.

Almost all of the cash we have found in books has been in family Bibles (almost $50 in 30 years). More often collectible bookmarks or other neat ephemera are found in Bibles.

Can my family Bible be repaired?

While it is possible to refurbish family Bibles, it is not cost effective for a retail store. If the Bible has sentimental value we can recommend several bookbinders. Be aware that this is very labour intensive and therefore costly.