COVID-19 Updates; Open for instore browsing- June 11th, 2021

Hey bibliophiles,

We're back! Or rather you can come back! We are open again for instore browsing as of June 11th at 10 am. We will have a limit of 20 customers in the store. It is super rare for there to be a wait, but if there is, no worries we will have lots of dollar carts outside for you to browse. Our sale basement has been refreshed and restocked from after our late winter sale. The rest of the store has had a spring cleaning as well. Cause we had some time on our hands. 

Love our Book Lover's Care Packages? No worries, those will still be available to order via the website but also over the phone.
Curbside pick up and local Home Delivery will also still be available. 

Summer Store Hours
Monday to Saturday
10-5 pm

Book buying will commence on Sat, June 19th, 2021. Our buying days at the moment are Fridays and Saturdays. Please call at 519-432-7277 to book an appointment and check out our buying guide here for more information on our buying process. We will NOT be taking in drop ins at the moment and only have a limited amount of appointments per day. 

Our policy on processing new to us books during the pandemic has been to limit our buying days and sanitizer between each one. Recently traded books are held in quarantine for 3-4 days before staff unbox them to process them and then they either go on to our new arrival shelves or into back stock.

RE: CURBSIDE AND DELIVERY: We will be offering Curbside Delivery as well as free local delivery for orders of $25 and over (fee of $5 for orders under $25). We will have cash but encourage use of debit and credit as the machine is a heck of a lot easier to sanitize for everyone’s safety. 😉

Caution: Every book in the store will not be sanitized so please use hand sanitizer before and after handling the books. We will be sanitizing and cleaning frequently touched surfaces, such as the doors, counters, debit and cash area and chairs. If you have handled a book but do not want it, please place it on the counter for a staff member to sanitize and reshelve it.

You can still call ahead (519-432-7277) or email us ( with a book list and we can see if we have them in stock. If we do, we can process everything over the phone and deliver them to your car during store hours. We can also communicate through social media @atticbooksca (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). 


We know it cannot compare with browsing through our physical shelves but we invite you to visit our website at While it is only a smidge of our total inventory, we have over 14,000 items online for your perusal. Pick a subject and dive deep into some of our quirkiest, random, and rarer items in our collection. A lot of our items have interesting historical facts attached to them so you can learn a tidbit or two along the way. And as with the curbside delivery above, we can deliver them to your car. Just choose the free local pick up shipping option and give us a ring (519-432-7277) when you are here.

“Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.”
– Mason Cooley


Updated: June 6th, 2021