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Ephemera Bins


Our categories of ephemera are broad and encompassing and are sorted by subject to accommodate collectors who search for items in particular fields.

We have a paper collectibles specialist on staff. Appointments can be made upon request. We are happy to assist all of our paper collectors with tips on conservation, evaluation and finding rare items.

What is Ephemera?

The term "ephemera", as used in collector's circles, is related to the word "ephemeral", which means, "to last only a day; (of insect, flower, etc.) lasting a day or a few days; short-lived, transitory".

In relation to paper, Ephemera are paper items that are not made to last, or inherently do not last as long as a bound book. Examples are sheet music, advertisements, photographs, postcards, tickets, stock certificates, posters and other sheets or staple bound items.

If you are searching for a particular piece of ephemera, you can call or email one of our staff at

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