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Feature Items

51 Ways to a Man's Heart by Anna Lee Scott
Canadian Locomotive Compnay Limited Kingston Ontario 1945
Disease in History: Medical Profiles of Illustrious Persons by Mary Simon

51 Ways to a Man's Heart
Anna Lee Scott
Cookbook dedicated to satistfying your man's hunger. Contains such timeless classic recipes like "Meat Upside-Down Cake" and "Sugared Brisket". Put out by Maple Leaf Flour.

Canadian Locomotive Company Limited
Pictorial Souvenir from a railroad company based in Kingston, Ontario. Contains pictures of the locomotives built by the company during the wartime years.

Disease in History: Medical Profiles of Illustrious Persons Mary Simon
Spiral bound booklet from exhibition held at the Osler Library of the History of Medicine in April-December 1995 in Montreal, Quebec

Steele, Briggs' Catalogue 1919 Seed Catalogue
The Home Fires by American Face Brick Association
Logic of Ecstasy by Ann Davis

Steele, Briggs' 1919 Seed Catalogue
Seed catalogue from Canadian seed company. Contains black and white photos of some of their products as well as an order form and mailing envelope.

The Home Fires: A Few Suggestions in Face Brick Fireplaces
Product brochure fro American Face Brick Association. Contains illustrated samples of products as well as photography of past customer examples. Broken binding when open to samples fireplace 25 &25.

The Logic of Ecstasty: Canadian Mystical Paintings 1920-1940 / La Logique de L'extase
Ann Davis (Guest Curator)
Exhibition book put out by London Regional Art and Historical Museums (Executive Director: Nancy Poole)
In English and French
O.H.  Moxley Dorchester Ontario Advertisement Calendar
Pyrography by Thayer & Chandler
Unadilla Silos
Advertisment Calender put out by O.H. Moxley, a Dealer of lumber and millwork in Dorchester, Ontario
Picture labeled "Daughhter of the Moon: Nokomis"
Catalogue from Thayer & Chandler, Manufacturers at 160 to164 W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago.
Art supplies and stencils for anyone who wanted to add wood burning decor.
Catalogue No. 55
Unadilla Silos
Promotional probchure for Unadilla Silos. Boasting of such additions as weel-portioned roofs, stave dowelling systems and easy to climb ladders.
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