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Welcome to the website of Attic Books, one of Canada's largest antiquarian and second-hand bookstores. We have three floors of books, maps, prints, paper collectibles, such as ephemera and postcards, and eccentric antiques that appeal to readers, scholars and seasoned collectors alike. We also retail Colour by Schubert's photo cards and Charles Van Sandwyk's Fine Art Cards and Books. The atmosphere is spacious, bright, relaxed and professional, not to mention architecturally beautiful, with its original tin ceilings, hardwood maple floors and all the charisma of a century building. This, along with the help of our friendly and knowledgeable staff, will ensure that every visit to Attic Books will be memorable.


Our Catalogues

The Holy Bible, this 1717 edition printed by John Baskett was known as the "Vinegar Bible" due to typographical error.

The Works of Alexander Pope as well as his Translations of the Iliad and the Odyssey of Homer 1715-1741

The Works of Alexander Pope as well as his Translations of the Iliad and the Odyssey of Homer
1715-1741 15 Volumes

Ars Quatuor Coronatorum
93 volumes of the Transactions of the Lodge Quatuor Coronati, No. 2076, London.
1888-1982. 93 vols. with varying paginations. Includes vols. 1-86 and vols. 89-95 (years 1974 and 1975 missing).

L’Antiquité Expliquée et Représentée en Figures 
by Bernard De Montfaucon

L’Antiquité Expliquée et Représentée en Figures
by Bernard De Montfaucon

First Edition. 15 volumes (15 volumes in 10 books dating to 1719, plus 5 volume supplement dating to 1757)

Although he did not claim to be the creator of archaeology as a field of study, Bernard de Montfaucon (1655-1741) considered himself to be particularly brilliant at showing its interpretation and advantages. Th is set of volumes contains methodically grouped reproductions of ancient monuments and artifacts that might be used to enlighten scholars studying daily life, religious systems, military and funeral customs. Th is 1719 fi rst edition, one of 1,800 sets printed, apparently sold out in two months, despite its enormous size and expense. Text in French and Latin. An extremely attractive set of this important work.

Report on the Scientific Results of the Voyage of H.M.S. Challenger Attic Books

Report on the Scientific Results of the Voyage of H.M.S. Challenger (Link to the PDF)
The most comprehensive series of scientific voyage reports ever published, the Report on the Scientific Results of the Voyage of the H.M.S. Challenger is extremely scarce as a complete 50-volume set. Considered second only to Darwin’s voyage aboard the Beagle for its contributions to 19th century science, the voyage of the Challenger founded the scientific discipline of oceanography. Naturalist Sir John Murray referred to the publication as “the greatest advance in the knowledge of our planet since the celebrated discoveries of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.”

Attic Books 2017 Canadiana Catalogue

A selection of some of our fine Canadian History Stock.
Link to PDF

Fall 2015 History Catalogue

A selection of our fine History stock.
Fall 2015 History Catalogue (link to pdf)

Fall 2015 Canadiana Catalogue

A selection of our fine Canadian History stock.
Fall 2015 Canadiana Catalogue (link to pdf)


Map and Print Inventory Downsized

Currently our map and print selection has been significantly downsized, as the items from Alexander Gallery are being cleaned, re-priced and catalogued.  Unfortunately we do not have an accurate estimation for when this process will be completed, but we will announce the arrival of our maps and prints again as soon as possible.  Please accept our apologies for any inconveniences this may have caused.

Want to sell us books?

We are always buying books and antiques. We buy by appointment so call the store to set one up at 519-432-7277. Follow the link to know more about what we do and do not buy books.

Attic Books is Expanding

We have booths at Memory Lane (located at 1175 Hyde Park Road in London) and Southworks (located at 64 Grand Ave South in Cambridge). We have a variety of books as well as antiques in both locations. Please note that we do not buy items at these locations, only at our 240 Dundas Street, London, Ontario store.

We are also getting more and more antiques at the store. We'll be posting more information with pictures on the website.

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Looking for a book and want us to keep an eye out for it? Email us as much information about the book you are looking for at We'll check our stock and let you know if we have it.


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